We Like to Talk!

We LOVE teaching others about keeping kids SAFE, My Underpants RULE! and My Tricky EYE-SPY!

Kate Power - My Underpants RULE!

Educator Workshops

  • Learn the Fun, Easy way to teach Protective Behaviours using My Underpants RULE!
  • How to teach children what is appropriate and inappropriate in relation to their Private Parts and what to do if something should happen, leaving kids feeling EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT
  • Series of teaching ideas/lesson plans that can be adapted to kids of all background and needs
  • Best practices for mandatory reporting.

Incursions at Pre-Schools and Schools 

  • Let us come to your pre-school/school and teach the kids their Underpants RULE!
  • Fun, Interactive Games, Superhero Powers & Capes are used leaving children feeling EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT
  • Educators are also shown how to extend the learning with further lesson plans and practical ideas

Parent Information Presentations

(Mother’s Group, Pre-School/School Information Sessions)

  • The MYTHS that get in the way of child safety, and why ALL children are vulnerable to abuse.
  • EASY ways for BUSY, EVERYDAY parents to help keep their kids SAFE
  • How to incorporate things that kids LOVE – Fun, Play, Games, Superheroes, Rhymes – Leaving kids feeling EMPOWERED & CONFIDENT

Keynote talks

Please contact us if you’d like to know more.


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