We Like to Talk!

We LOVE teaching others about keeping kids SAFE, My Underpants RULE! and My Tricky EYE-SPY!kate and book

Parent Information Presentations

(Mother’s Group, Pre-School/School Information Sessions)

What you LEARN:

  • Statistics often unknown to most parents that reveal ALL children are vulnerable to abuse.
  • An EASY way for BUSY, EVERYDAY parents to help keep their kids SAFE
  • Incoporating things that kids LOVE – Fun, Play, Games, Superheros, Rhymes – Leaving kids feeling EMPOWERED & CONFIDENT
  • Used by top agencies

Incursions at Pre-Schools and Schools 

  • Let us come to your pre-school/school and teach the kids their Underpants RULE!
  • Fun, Interactive Games, Superhero Powers & Capes are used leaving children feeling EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT
  • Educators are also shown how to extend the learning with further lesson plans and practical ideas

Educators Workshops

  • Learn the Fun, Easy way to teach Protective Behaviours using My Underpants RULE! Plus a series of ideas/lesson plans that can be adapted to kids of all background and needs
  • Learn how to teach children what is appropriate and inappropriate in relation to their Private Parts and what to do if something should happen, leaving kids feeling EMPOWERED and CONFIDENT

Keynote talks

Please contact us if you’d like to know more.