How our Underpants came to RULE!

A Fairy Story (sort of)
My Underpants Rule books

Once upon a time there was a fearless policewoman called Kate, who saw some horrible things when she was on duty. They involved children being hurt and abused in terrible ways, and Kate would help catch the people who did this.

Kate met a handsome prince and soon had children of her own. She was very happy and did a great job of looking after them because she knew who the bad people were, and how to keep her children safe. In fact, she was so good that many people would come to her for advice. But then some things happened that made her realise she still didn’t know it all.bluepants

The first involved the dad of a player in a sports team Kate’s young son was in. Kate would say, “He’s a really great guy and fantastic with the kids”. Unfortunately, she found out that despite her experience, she could not really tell who the bad people are and they are everywhere (fortunately her son was safe).

Then shortly afterwards, an incident occurred in Kate’s neighbourhood involving a 6 year-old girl and a friend she had brought home from school. The friend had played in ways she shouldn’t. It turned out bad things had been happening in the friend’s home, so she thought her behaviour was normal. Kate realised there are lots of different degrees of things to protect her children against, and that danger lurks where you least expect it.

Kate decided the best way to help her children was for them to be able to help themselves. So she went on a quest to find materials she could use to teach them. The problem was, she didn’t want to scare her children and wanted to make their learning fun. She also didn’t want the teaching aids to be too explicit. She searched and searched, but nothing quite hit the mark.

Now, Kate knew that Prince Rod was good at structuring learning and writing ridiculous rhyme, while she was good at whimsical drawing. So they started working together to create something that would help all the children of the land. They combined their experience, added a touch of irreverence, an abiding sense of purpose, and mixed it all with loveyellowswirl

And that’s how our Underpants came to RULE!  

P.S. This isn’t a fairy story, but it makes the cold facts easier to speak about.share11