Helping you teach a tricky lesson

If you’re working with a group of children, sadly the chances are high – almost certain – that one or more of them will be placed at risk of abuse throughout their childhood. Some may already be experiencing it. So perhaps the greatest lesson you can teach them is how to respond in such situations. However, we know that can be confronting for you.

That’s where My Underpants RULE! comes in.

With it’s superhero theme, bright colours, magical illustrations and ridiculous rhyme, your students quickly engage in the book’s content. It allows you to ease into an often tricky subject without causing alarm (no dark bits).flyingboyblonde

The structure of learning a nursery rhyme rule, followed by five different scenario questions and final reinforcement of the rule follows a classic learning model:

  • ENGAGEMENT  (Why is this important?)
  • ESTABLISHMENT (What are we learning?)
  • TESTING (What would you do in this situation?)
  • REPETITION/REINFORCEMENT (What was that rule again?)

Lesson plans can easily be structured around the content. The only limit is your imagination, and the more times you teach it, the more its lessons solidify for your students. PLUS check out our free teaching resources

We Can Also Help

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Incursions at Pre-School and Schools
Let us come to your pre-school/school and teach the kids their Underpants RULE

Using superhero themes, games and giggles about underpants, we engage children and help them feel confident about learning protective behaviours. Children;

  • Children learn their Underpants RULE!, what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviour in relation to private parts and what to do if anything should happen (with no dark bits)
  • Wearing superhero capes and playing games to understand the RULE! (superhero flying is a MUST!!)
  • Receive a certificate for learning their Underpants RULE!
  • Leave feeling empowered (prepare for chanting the Underpants RULE! in the playground)

Group Size: up to 25 Duration: 40 minutes

Parent Information Presentations

Community involvement/awareness is the key to keeping children safe and parents are a VITAL ingredient in achieving this, but are often left out of the conversation & education. Lets put everyone on the same page;

  • How and why to have conversations with children on this somewhat tricky topic
  • Clear up myths & misconceptions that get in the way of our children’s safety
  • EASY solutions for BUSY, EVERYDAY parents in teaching kids private parts protection and other safety tips
  • How to incorporate things that kids LOVE and leave them feeling EMPOWERED & CONFIDENT

Group Size: unlimited   Duration: 1 to 1.30 hours

Educators Workshops

Gives a solid grounding in how to teach protective behaviours to children without alarming or confronting them, providing confidence with an often tricky topic

  • How to teach children to protect their private parts in a fun & easy way, with step-by-step guide and a suite of interactive games to include in lesson plans
  • Establish clear guidelines for children in your centre – what is appropriate and inappropriate behaviour in relation to their private parts
  • Clearing up common myths & misconceptions about child sexual assault including:
    • Who are the predators – tips on how to detect them
    • Frequency, effects & why we need to educate at a young age
    • Increase of child offenders – what we can do about it
    • Why a majority of incidences go unreported and simple tips for child safety
  • Importance of including and educating parents/carers in protective behaviours, simple ways to get their support and put everyone on the same page
  • Best Practices for educators when dealing with child sexual assault;
    • Revision of mandatory reporting
    • Best practices of dealing with disclosures
    • Educator’s role and responsibility with police interviews

Group Size: unlimited   Duration: 1.5 to 2 hours


Just a few examples;

    • Incorporated into the Western Australian Education Department curriculum
    • Used by the Department for Education and Child Development, South Australia
    • The UK’s top child protection agency (NSPCC), in conjunction with the Department of Education of Northern Ireland has recognised how great My Underpants RULE! is for educators. That’s why it’s being used in a behavioural study in Northern Ireland’s schools. See our News section to find out more.
    • Used by Sydney Children’s Hospital
    • Used by Victorian Police Department – Child Protection Unit

Thank you for the excellent work you do with children!