Expanding Underpants RULE! Online Video Series


For clever parents, carers & educators! – 1 year ‘online’ access 

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Packed full of simple tips and techniques to help keep your child safer and extend their learning, this is a must for everyone who cares for a child between the ages of 3 to 8.

Cut into 8 light, easy, bite-sized videos. Content includes:

    • Clearing up myths and misconceptions that get in the way of your child’s safety
    • Practical safety tips and strategies for everyday parents, carers and educators
    • At what age should I start educating my children?
    • How to prepare children for sleepovers and playdates
    • How to extend learning as your child grows
    • Cyber-safety tips
    • How to build safer communities
    • And much more…

The video series is accessed ONLINE via an email (not a DVD) and has a one year time frame (this can be extended if requested) 


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