Tell us a Story

Your stories are important to us. They don’t have to be about My Underpants RULE!, so long as they involve children becoming more empowered. Some examples may include:

  • A child avoiding a difficult situation
  • Teaching a child a valuable lesson
  • Learning something about being a good parent
  • Recognising someone who does extraordinary work with children
  • Tips on valuable parenting resources
  • Topics in the news relating to children

Don’t let us limit you though – we know how fabulous you are! So be creative. The best submitted articles will be featured in our emails and social media.

IMPORTANT: Instructions for Sharing

Step 1: WRITE YOUR STORY. Save it to a file.

Step 2: MAKE SURE your name and email details are in your story so we can keep track (email details won’t be published).

Step 3: SHARE your file. Punch the balloon below (click on it) and send us an email with the file attached. Simple!