Kate Power

I joined the New South Wales Police Force in 1992 where I saw some of the worst sides of life. By far the most disturbing for me were incidences of child sexual assault. So when I had my own three children, I was aware of the need to not only protect my kids, but the need to teach them to protect themselves.

I believe that while the world has it's flaws, the majority of people are good hearted and that having an optimistic, grounded, educated perspective is the way to success. This is the essence of how I wanted to teach my children about life and so too the topic of protecting their private parts.

In 2011, I resigned from the Police force because we had a wonderful opportunity to live in London for 4 years. During this period there were many widely publicised cases of child sexual assault in the news, committed by high-profile individuals and institutions across many decades. I found that many mothers asked my advice regarding how they could protect and teach their children in a gentle, non-confronting way.

With my front line understanding of child sexual assault, education in criminology, teaching and psychology mixed in with my husband's sense of fun, teaching experience and ridiculous rhyme, My Underpants RULE! was born.

Whilst I loved serving in the Police, an officer's job is reactive in nature. I feel inspired to be making a contribution to the world that is proactive and has the potential of significantly changing children's lives to have a higher chance of happiness, confidence and success.