Together We can Make a Difference!

Change can be hard, but the hardest change is the one you undertake by yourself! There are several ways for you to get involved and help change the world.

cropforcamera resized 293Have your child star in a video! Challenge others too!!!

When your child knows My Underpants RULE! why not share it with the world? They LOVE seeing themselves on film, and you and they can use your creativity and imagination on how best to stage it. Post it to us on the Share With Us page and we’ll add music and titles for you if it becomes one of our featured videos!punch2

CHALLENGE other children to do the same via your social media links! Let’s go viral with something that makes a difference to the world.


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Our emails will act as a reminder for you to read with your child, we’ll share the latest featured videos with you, let you know about any new products and services, tell you about the nearest speaking engagements, etc.punchyellow1

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Spread the Word about Underpants

Tell others about My Underpants RULE! and the difference it makes – friends, relatives, schools, casual acquaintances… Invite them to this site, our Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, etc. Organise a reading of the book for your child’s school. You know yourself, the more you hear about something, the more likely you are to take action. So tell people you care about and help us change the world for the better.