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Initiative aims to raise funding needed for first books

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The background in bullet point

  • Horrified by the headlines, former-police-officer Kate Power knew they’re just the tip of the iceberg – official figures have up to 1 in 5 children being abused!
  • With husband Rod, they created a fun, easy way to teach kids about protecting their private partsMy Underpants RULE!
  • Our book was chosen by the UK’s top child protection agency (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children),to support a behavioural study across schools in Northern Ireland, before any marketing or production capacity was in place!
  •  We have a “BHAG” of at least a million children empowered by the rule by 2020, to “change tomorrow’s headlines today”.
  • Aug 19 to Sep 18 we’re crowdfunding to raise a ridiculously small amount of working capital to really make things happen (asking many people to contribute by buying books and other great rewards).
  • A percentage of our proceeds go to Barnardos, who do fantastic work with abused and neglected children.

The help we need – 3 simple steps
We need you, your friends and their friends’ friends to get involved. Here’s how:

1. Share our 90 sec video with as many as possible

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2. Visit & Share Our Crowdfunding Site

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